Alopecia X in dogs - What helps your Pomeranian?

Pomeranians are known not only for their impressive coats, but also for their lively and lively personalities. However, our sweet furry paws are often exposed to an illness that takes its toll on us as owners as well as our pets. Pomeranians can be affected by Alopecia

You can find out here from us what exactly alopecia

What is Alopecia X?

The term Alopecia X (medical term: Alopecia This disease is particularly characterized by dark discoloration of the skin, accompanied by severe hair loss. The exact cause of Alopecia X is still unclear.

However, it is believed that alopecia is due to certain factors. These include genetic predisposition, stress and anxiety, a hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, external environmental factors or even a hormonal imbalance.

Black Skin Disease often affects dog breeds such as the Pomeranian, Chow Chow, Husky and Alaskan Malamute, as well as other small and large dog breeds.

Preventing Alopecia X: How can I protect my Pomeranian?

We all want our beloved four-legged friends to always be healthy and happy. Skin health and coat care are of central importance, especially for high-maintenance dog breeds such as the Pomeranian. Therefore, it is up to us to develop effective strategies to prevent alopecia X. But what can you do to ensure high-quality grooming and protect your Pomeranian?

1. A balanced diet:

A healthy and balanced diet is crucial to promote skin and coat health. A high-quality dog ​​food with the right nutrients, including healthy omega-3 fatty acids, can promote hair growth and prevent skin problems.

2. Regular Care:

Regular grooming is essential to keeping your Pomeranian healthy. Brush the coat regularly to remove loose hair. Always pay attention to changes in the skin. A clean and well-groomed coat supports skin health

Self-cleaning fur brush in elegant white with gold details .

3. Avoid overheating:

Especially in summer, Pomeranians tend to overheat, which can lead to skin problems. Make sure your dog has enough shade and is not overly exposed to the sun. Also avoid overheating indoors and ensure adequate ventilation.

Alopecia X: What to do if Black Skin Disease is already there?

If you notice skin changes on your Pomeranian and it is already affected by Black Skin Disease, you need to act quickly. Please see your veterinarian immediately for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan. In some cases, medication may be necessary to correct a possible hormonal imbalance and thus restore skin health.

But proper care is also crucial. Specially tailored care products can help you and your Pomeranian with Alopecia X - just like the right care program. Pomeranian Beauty products in particular have revolutionized the Pomeranian world in a way. Specially tailored care products and care series are available here that were developed specifically for dogs affected by Alopecia X and BSD. Please note that care products never replace a trip to the vet or a medical diagnosis.

The BSD Recovery series not only offers intensive care for Pomeranians with severely dried out fur, severe matting and/or alopecia In addition, Pomeranian Beauty products contain efficient growth promoters and extremely moisturizing ingredients. This can prevent hair breakage and stimulate hair growth.

The Pomeranian Beauty set consists of four products and is free of sulfates, salts, silicones and parabens:

  • BSD Recovery Mask (250ml)

  • Intensive repair shampoo (250 ml)

  • Intensive repair care spray (250 ml)

  • Beauty Elixir (30 ml)

  • Illustration of a light yellow Pomeranian care mask in a cosmetic jar with a white lid. A cute Pomeranian can also be seen

Alopecia X: All care steps for your Pomeranian at a glance

It's not just the optimal care ingredients that are crucial if your dog has Alopecia X - a regular care routine also plays a big role here. The following care steps are recommended to achieve optimal results for your Pomeranian:


First clean the fur with the intensive repair shampoo. After gently massaging the skin and fur and rinsing thoroughly, you can first lightly dab the wet fur with a soft towel and remove any coarse moisture. This way you improve the absorption of the BSD mask into your Pomeranian's fur and skin.


In the next step, the BSD Recovery Mask is mixed with the Pomeranian Beauty beauty elixir and applied to the fur. The balanced composition of the two products is crucial here. Use 2 - 4 teaspoons of the Recovery Mask and between 10 and 30 drops of the Beauty Elixir and mix them well. Then gently massage the mixture into the skin - especially on bald or black areas of skin. We recommend covering your Pomeranian's body with cling film or a warm bathrobe to retain warmth and optimally incorporate the active ingredients. After leaving it on for 20 minutes, rinse the mask thoroughly and then dry the fur with a towel and a hairdryer.


Use the Intensive Repair Care Spray between regular baths and before daily brushing to provide your Pomeranian's coat with sufficient moisture.

Alopecia X in dogs: Only the best for your Pomeranian

Alopecia The sooner you act on this disease, the better for your Pomeranian. This applies to regular consultations with the veterinarian, suitable treatment methods for alopecia and also proper grooming.

Suitable, high-quality care products that have been specifically tailored to the Pomeranian breed can reduce the challenges for you and your four-legged friend. Proper care and prevention as well as a balanced diet can protect your Pomeranian and reduce the disease. The product range from Pomeranian Beauty can help and support you. In this way, your Pomeranian's hair can slowly develop back into full bloom and the skin can regenerate step by step.