Pomeranian coat care: 5 tips for well-groomed coat

A fluffy ball of pure joy of life, that is the Pomeranian. With his soft, dense and luxurious fur and his lively nature, he takes the hearts of many dog ​​lovers by storm. But this wonderful fur requires special care to preserve its beauty. Not only suitable care products play a role, but also a balanced diet. In this article you will find out why grooming Pomeranians is so important and give you five practical tips for keeping your Pomeranian's fur well-groomed.

Pomeranian fur care: special fur, special care

Affectionately known as “Pom,” the Pomeranian is famous not only for its lively temperament and small size, but also for its stunning coat. However, the fluffy hair requires special care from us dog owners to preserve its beauty. The Pomeranian's coat is thick, long and naturally lush. This often makes it prone to undercoat matting and tangles.

In order to counteract this, regular brushing is essential. Special soft dog brushes or a comb work well to remove loose hair and prevent tangles. The sooner you introduce your Pomeranian to regular brushing as a puppy, the easier it will be to remove the undercoat and your Pom will get used to brushing.

Finding the right balance when bathing and regularly washing your Pomeranian is also crucial. Although our four-legged friends are generally clean dogs, bathing them too often is not recommended. A bath every few months with a mild, special dog shampoo keeps the coat clean without disturbing the skin's natural balance.

Our dogs' ears and eyes also require special attention. Checking regularly for signs of infection or tear stains is important. This is not only crucial for the clean coat color, but also for health reasons. With gentle ear cleaning and regular wiping of the edges of the eyes, potential problems can be identified early.

Diet also plays a special role in ensuring a healthy coat and upper hair. A balanced dog food that contains all the necessary nutrients is particularly important here. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids, for example from fish oil, can support your dog's skin and coat health.

Pomeranian fur care: 5 tips for well-groomed fur

A thick coat, well-groomed teeth and claws are essential for the Pomeranian's appearance. The following five simple tips will help you maintain a well-groomed coat on your Pomeranian:

Regular brushing

The Pomeranian's thick hair is prone to matting and tangling. To prevent this, regular brushing is essential. Use a soft brush or comb to remove loose hair and loosen tangles. It's best to start getting used to the brush when it's a puppy so that your Pomeranian finds the process pleasant.

Fur brush, self-cleaning in white with golden details

Moderate bathing

Although Pomeranians are clean dog breeds, they should not be bathed excessively. Washing too often can disrupt the skin's natural balance and lead to skin problems. A bath every few months is usually enough. Make sure to use a mild dog shampoo to protect your Pomeranian's sensitive skin.

Pomeranian Shampoo "Voluminous Pom"

Establish ear care

The Pomeranian's fluffy ears are not only cute, but unfortunately they are often prone to infections. Check your Pomeranian's ears regularly for redness, swelling, or unpleasant odors. Gently clean the ears with a special ear product.

Eye care

Pomeranians often have large, expressive eyes, but they are prone to tear stains. Wipe these spots regularly with a damp cloth to avoid discoloration of the surrounding fur. Make sure you use a clean cloth for this to prevent possible irritation and injury.

The right nutrition

Diet plays a crucial role in the health of the dog's coat and teeth. Make sure to feed your Pomeranian high-quality dog ​​food that contains all the necessary nutrients. Fish oil can be an additional source of omega-3 fatty acids, which support skin and coat health. In general, the food should always be tailored to the individual needs of your Pomeranian. This keeps your dog's skin, hair and health in harmony.

What not to do when caring for your dog

In addition to the appropriate care measures for your four-legged friend, it is also important to know what you should avoid when caring for a Pomeranian's coat. The following no-gos should always be avoided:

  • How to use a human shampoo: Dogs' skin has a very different pH than human skin. Using a human-grade shampoo can irritate your dog's sensitive skin.

  • Shaving in summer: Even if this sounds unimaginable, it still happens every now and then that dog owners want to shave their pet's fur. This is not a good idea. The Pomeranian's coat protects it from sunburn and excessive heat. However, a light trim at the groomer can help prevent matting.

  • Brushing too forcefully: Always brush your Pomeranian's coat gently and carefully. Brushing too vigorously can not only be painful for the dog, but can also irritate the skin and damage the coat.

Proper fur care is the be-all and end-all

Pomeranian fur grooming is more than just a beauty ritual. It is an important part of health care for your four-legged friend. With regular brushing, appropriate hygiene, the removal of coarse dirt and a balanced diet, you will not only ensure a shiny coat, but also the general well-being of your Pomeranian.

You should always remember to use special care products, remove knots in the fur in a timely manner and trimming claws should also be integrated into your care routine. There are very good products on the market that are specifically tailored to your Pomeranian's special coat and are gentle on the sensitive skin.

For your dog's well-being, avoid excessive bathing - this protects the skin and fur and maintains the PH value of our animals' skin. By following the tips above and avoiding the no-gos, you will create the foundation for a long, healthy and happy dog ​​life. In our online shop you will find first-class products, such as those from Pomeranian Beauty, which not only support but also revolutionize the grooming of your four-legged friend. Try it – your dog will thank you!