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Self-cleaning fur brush
Self-cleaning fur brush

Self-cleaning fur brush

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Our Slicker Brush is the ultimate grooming and detangling tool designed for dogs and cats with short and long hair. This brush gently removes loose undercoat, tangles and knots, eliminates tangles, dandruff and trapped dirt, leaving your pet with a clean, shiny and healthy coat.

Easy to use and self-clean at the touch of a button - After brushing your pet, simply press the button on the back to remove any loose hair from the brush. The self-cleaning design makes it easier to remove hair and prepare the brush for next time. The entire brush is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about dirt and small hairs. Keep them dry and clean.

Comfortable and safe for your pet - The bristles of our brush are made of stainless steel and have a fine, curved wire structure with rounded massage knobs that penetrate deep into the coat and remove loose hair without hurting your pet's skin and hair roots.

Massages for a healthy and shiny coat - The round massage nubs promote a healthy and shiny coat, increase blood circulation and leave the fur soft and supple. Pets love being brushed and will feel great.

Unique, non-slip and durable design - Our slicker brush is specially designed with high quality material and a unique, fashionable design. The non-slip handle ensures that you and your pet feel comfortable while brushing without hand and wrist fatigue.

**Size: 18.5 x 7.5 cm**

Groom your pet's coat like a pro with our slicker brush. Not only will your pet look fantastic, but they will also feel completely comfortable. Order today and give your furry friend a shiny and healthy coat.

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